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Perched near the shores of Boundary Bay, Beach Grove Golf Club was conceived and fashioned nearly 100 years ago to serve as the thriving heart of a newly emerging beach community. Through equal measures of thoughtful design and providence, the course provides a remarkable golfing experience that takes an ample dose of imagination, artistry, and every club in the bag to successfully navigate this tree lined treasure. Earning the admiration of both elite and recreational golfers alike, Beach Grove is where lifelong friendships are formed, while generations of family’s unite around the spirit, legacy, and elation of the great game of golf.

Boasting the best year-round course conditions in Canada, coupled with unyielding attention to fastidiously manicured greens, Beach Grove provides golfers twelve months to imbibe in the inexhaustible events and activities offered. Weekly opportunities are present for golfers to test their talents and vie for a spot at the Champions Dinner or each new day delivers a chance for a casual game with our affable membership. 

Today, the dream of a strong community of golfers is alive and well at Beach Grove as each day our members enjoy great golf in the company of great friends.